Clients from small exporters to trade promotion agencies to middle-market companies to multinationals and international organizations take advantage of our experience, industry expertise and trusted networks to expand and succeed across the Continent.

About Us

Unlocking African Opportunities

Leoht Africa is an international business strategy and intelligence firm that helps organizations expand their business in African markets. We offer insight and access into African trade and opportunities across sectors. We advise and implement strategies to help you expand your operations and achieve your business ambitions.
We are leaders in providing connectivity and business-critical insight across communities of buyers and sellers. We reduce uncertainty and provide you with a solid basis for your business decisions to help you achieve your strategic objectives in African market


Our connections throughout the continent give our clients access to our strong links and business opportunities. We bring a unique global perspective and unmatched professionals to help clients move faster with greater confidence

Our Recent Work

April 17, 2024

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Market Entry Plan

At Leoht Africa we work with SME companies from across the world, who are looking to expand into the African market. The first question we always ask of any business that contacts us, is do you have a market entry plan? And surprisingly, the answer is often ‘no’. What we find instead is that businesses are intending to use networking as their way in. They plan to generate sales by finding channels and developing a sales pipeline, either through partners, distributors, agents or wholesalers, or by hiring a sales director. Some also have designs on expanding through mergers and/or acquisition.
August 5, 2021


A leading technology, healthcare and outsourcing player was looking to launch a new business line tailored for African markets. To do that, they needed support on a whole range of international expansion and market entry issues. Leoht Africa was enlisted to develop a framework for international expansion, provide a business development strategy, risk management and hands on market entry support.
November 26, 2020

International Market Expansion Strategy & Implementation

A leading global provider of mobile banking and mobile trading applications and solutions for financial services institutions across the globe sought to enter the Nigerian market.

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