A leading technology, healthcare and outsourcing player was looking to launch a new business line tailored for African markets. To do that, they needed support on a whole range of international expansion and market entry issues. Leoht Africa was enlisted  to develop a framework for international expansion, provide a business development strategy, risk management and hands on market entry support.


The project began by mapping out the client’s international market expansion strategy and recommending African countries to consider for market expansion entry. From this, we determined our client’s market position and assessed its growth trajectory in 5 markets.

Once the client decided on the market, Leoht Africa immediately began laying the foundations for the client’s market expansion into North Africa with a major capital investment and the establishment of a new office abroad. Working with senior management team, Leoht Africa facilitated and developed a bold strategic plan to aggressively grow the new business​ line by entering the North African market and establishing a permanent presence in the region.

Factors considered included insights into country risks, barriers to entry, competition, sustainability of labor availability; FDI incentives, legal entity type, investment capital structure, compliance requirements, talent and human capital, tax, legal and labor regulations, risk management, assessment of internet connectivity, physical security and a host of other considerations.




The quality and credibility of the global expansion business plan was demonstrated by the ability to advance client’s business development targets which lead to the establishment of offices overseas pending the approval of a multi-year, multi-million dollar project which Leoht Africa had a hand in structuring, pitching, and negotiating.