Providing sustainable learning solutions across Africa

At Leoht Africa Training Academy, we target the core areas that are vital to the success of a business operations. Our open programmes are held publicly for all companies to attend. Experienced training instructors with a proven track record in the industry, deliver content that will empower individual high performers, teams, managers and executives.

  • Practical and interactive delivery style
  • CPD Certified
  • Expert Faculty with industry experience
  • Programmes from 1 – 5 days
  • Delivered in 4 star plus venues across Africa



The Leoht Africa Training Academy was launched to address skills shortages for successful business operations and growth in Africa. We design and produce training workshops based on a tri-partite approach, addressing current market challenges and trends head on.

Our quality trainers, practical and cutting edge course content and latest learning methodologies merge, to deliver best in breed training workshops.

Expert Course Facilitation

Our extensive training faculty includes industry experts, who engage with participants on a variety of learning platforms to enhance their learning experience. We combine latest coaching methodologies with applicable, hands on case studies to provide a well-rounded theoretical and practical approach to the course.

Exclusive Delegation

Small class sizes facilitate group discussion, as well as a learning experience more tailored to the exact challenges of the participants. Our trainers deliver international insights with regional best practices to ensure the most appropriate solutions and strategies are presented.

Pre-course Preparation

A pre-course assignment will be given to registered delegates, which will be used as a basis for reviewing key aspects of the course and will allow delegates to highlight any other/additional topics which will be addressed by the course facilitator during the workshop.

Practical Case Studies & Practical sessions

During the course there will be an emphasis on case studies, practical sessions or both to enhance the lessons learned with practical application exercises.

Post-course Catch-up

This call is used as a consultation session, to iron out any implementation pitfall, and ensure that lessons learned at the course have been effectively actioned. Our unique and unparalleled training experiences will usher you and your organisation into an era of enhanced performance, through emphasising continuous improvement and encouraging innovation.


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We bring the training course to you! As market leaders in professional development and continuous improvement, the Leoht Africa Training Academy offers you the power professional, this unique opportunity to empower yourself with sought after specialist skills, from an expert facilitator who will be delivering your bespoke training programme at your premises.

We have designed our courses with you in mind, ensuring benefits like:

  • Cost Savings
  • Exclusivity
  • Customised Training
  • Quality Course Facilitators